Introverts and Dating

The subject of sex appeal is an area that piques the interest of men of all ages regardless of race, ethnicity, or culture. Every man wishes to be sexually appealing to the average woman (unless you’re gay in which case you wouldn’t care what women thought of you). The introvert may prefer being alone but still has many if not all of the same sexual desires as other men. Most people in society (keep in mind that most people are extroverted) believe an introvert is incapable of gaining female attention because he is not outgoing and doesn’t converse with women normally.

The idea that men who are introverted have a hard time gaining female attention is a half-truth that depends on many different factors when considering his sexual marketplace value. Does this man talk to women? Is he in good shape? Is the man financially well off? Is he sexually appealing? These questions and many more are the difference between an introvert who has a hard time with women or an introvert who receives so much female attention that they drain his energy and he prefers solitude over endless drama.

If any man whether he is an introvert or not doesn’t talk to women, he cannot usually expect them to make the first move because women in our society are conditioned to never approach the man in the first place. For a woman to approach a man, he would have to either be an incredible man or possess some incredible quality she desires. There is no one size fits all guide on male-female sexual dynamics, but if the introvert applies basic human interaction to approaching a woman the same way he does with any other human being, he’s likely off to a better start than the man who doesn’t use his common sense in human relationships. Here are a few things you can try in order to make it easier to approach and attempt to build relationships with the opposite sex.

Understand Body Language

Due to the fact that introverts don’t regularly converse with others, there needs to be some measure of the knowledge of body language. If you’re incapable of detecting whether or not a conversation will end well before conversing with women, you might be better off learning about nonverbal cues beforehand. Body language can determine more than what is explained since women don’t like having to explain everything to men in the first place. If a woman has to verbalize her desires to you every single time, then she is likely either not interested in you at all or lost interest due to feeling more like a babysitter than a woman being desired by a suitor. No one likes to explain everything to an adult step by step. Women are no different in this regard.

Understanding body language is not limited to dealing with women. Understanding body language can help you understand what people aren’t saying. Detecting body language can help you determine whether people are lying or hiding something. Martial artists live by the idea of detecting an opponent’s body language to determine their next move for gaining the upper hand in the conflict.

That said, an introvert who watches a woman’s mannerisms carefully has a better understanding of her personality, character, and motives. Her messages are made clearer to the man who pays attention to her without always having to ask her questions. Women appreciate a man who pays attention to her because it means he cares about her feelings. The tone of voice can also help you out in determining many messages she isn’t directly telling you. Keep this in mind.

Relax & Put Your Best Foot Forward

Talking to a woman should be like talking to anyone else. You don’t want to feel too pressured to try to impress her. If you try too hard, you’re going to fail. Be casual, but take her seriously at the same time. There is a delicate balance, but you’ll be able to find it as you talk to more women. It will get easier.

Be An Interesting Person

This should be easy if you value your life and your time as an individual. Do the things you like. Pursue interests, hobbies, goals, and dreams. Don’t spend every waking moment of your life trying to get laid. It comes off as cheap, petty, and disappointing. Every introvert should have hobbies, interests, and goals. Women like a man who actually has a story to tell. Having a conversation is easy when you have done things that take work and build character. If you’ve achieved things, learned new skills, traveled, or just participated in fun hobbies, you find it easier to talk to anyone. It’s even better if you ask the woman about herself a bit and actually listen to her. She would most likely love to talk your ear off if she’s interested enough in discussing her interests with you.

When you love your life, you’re in better shape, take better care of yourself, and overall develop character. You won’t need to chase women because there are more important things to do. Women will naturally show you signals that she may be interested in you if you aren’t like all the other guys who orbit her every time she’s doing something. An introvert can capture a woman’s attention simply by being the guy who isn’t paying attention to her if he’s interesting enough. She’s used to men trying to talk to her. She will want to know why you’re not.

Living an interesting life is easily the best way to keep a conversation going. Put yourself in the woman’s shoes. Imagine if you meet a woman who has seen nothing, has done nothing and acts as though nothing is interesting. How long could you maintain interest in someone like that? I’d imagine someone with no hobbies, dreams, or interests cannot be much fun to be around. If you build a life worth living, women worth dating usually end up gravitating towards you since most know a good thing when they see it.

Value Your Own Time and Principles

No matter how attractive a woman is, you cannot let her walk all over your time and principles. The truth is if you do, she’ll lose interest in you rather quickly because no one likes weak men. No one. A man guided by a mission and principle will not make time for a woman who chooses to waste his time with nonsense. An introvert should guard his time well. Low minded individuals will waste your time with drama and nonsense. Giving them all your time makes you less valuable to anyone because you do not possess enough self-respect to do what you really want since you let her desires overshadow your own in life. Tomorrow is never guaranteed and your principles are what make you the man you are. Do not abandon them regardless of who it may be for. Women don’t respect a man who doesn’t respect himself and why should they? If someone chooses to waste time, don’t give them another minute of your time and don’t ever compromise your own principles to satisfy them. Any woman who is worth dating will treat you with respect and value your time.

Learn to Deal With Rejection

Rejection and failure are a part of life. If you don’t learn to deal with these aspects, there will be no way you can ever succeed in ever landing a date. Men get rejected more often than they succeed in most cases, so don’t beat yourself up over not getting the girl. It’s just a part of life.

See You on the Solitary Pathway……..

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