Introverts & Socialism

There is one natural enemy that the Socialists will always fight against. This isn’t a political enemy hence the reason I call this a natural enemy. The natural enemy of the Socialist is the Lone Wolf or introvert. The introvert or Lone Wolf is the ultimate individualist.

The Lone Wolf does not need government or a large social order to sustain their existence. The introvert derives their energy from being alone and does their best work by themselves. An introvert will have few but very important friends and interests. Someone who has no use for government intervention in every aspect of their lives is a threat to the Socialist-Communist order. The introvert is the natural enemy of all tyranny and the possible leader of a revolution. One who walks the solitary pathway cannot be controlled as easily.

The introvert mostly doesn’t play well with others or follow orders easily. They take responsibility for their own lives. The most virtuous among the introverts or lone wolves will own their failures. They are outcasted in every aspect of life by mainstream media and culture.

The introvert or Lone Wolf is the gateway to a new system while maintaining their existence outside of it. A system that controls its peoples every move is the enemy of the introvert. The enemy of the Lone Wolf. The introvert is incompatible by his or her very nature with socialism or any form of government which means to control its people and their identity.

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