Politics, Social Justice, & the Introvert/Lone Wolf

We’ve gotten to this point, ladies and gentlemen. Politics. Social Justice. It is everywhere now. It was somewhat tolerable when these things were subtlely put in our TV shows, movies, video games, and music. This was acceptable to a degree because the creators of all artistic forms will put their worldview into their art. That is part of the passion of creativity. It was acceptable to see subtle hints of anti-capitalist rhetoric in a TV show so long as it didn’t take away from the story. The audience was willing to let go of the creator’s pro-gun stances in a music video if the song was entertaining. The creator has a right to express their worldview.

The problem the average American faces today is that one can’t get away from political/social justice narratives in any context anymore. Social justice and politics made their way into our shaving equipment, coffee, video games, and just about everything else that affects our daily lives as individuals. The average American can’t even buy sneakers anymore without a politically motivated campaign behind it.

If you’re an introvert/lone wolf, this could easily become a nuisance in your daily life considering the fact that you’re trying to keep your distance from people in general. In a society where politics/social justice is in every other advertisement on the internet, everyone seems to be perpetually angry, distant, and combative. Society has already gotten to the point where violence has become a normal reaction to decisions made by politicians, speeches, and gatherings. The only logical step at this point is to avoid being involved in political/social justice debate as much as humanly possible. You may very well alienate yourself and make enemies trying to avoid problems, but at the end of the day, the peace of mind of knowing where you stand is better than keeping a false friend. The question is how do you go about avoiding the political/social justice debate regardless of your environment? I might have a few ideas I’m willing to elaborate on in order to maximize your introvert lifestyle without creating too much hostility. Note that it’s impossible to determine how other people will react, but a lone wolf or introvert can only worry about one’s own actions and responses.

Situational Awareneness

No matter what your personal politics or beliefs are, as an introvert/lone wolf, you prefer to be left alone throughout most of your day. Situational awareness is extremely useful in this regard considering what kind of coworkers, friends, or community you may be forced to engage in on a regular basis. The common trope of the LGBT youth stuck in the deep south rife with religious bigotry or the military man/woman in an ultra-liberal city that happens to be extremely anti-war is not uncommon by any stretch. When you are aware of your environment, you must make it your obligation to know who you should talk to about what topic. Avoiding an argument with someone you know at work who has opposite viewpoints from your own will seriously mitigate unnecessary stress from your life. Wherever your views may align, as a lone wolf, you’re on your own. Sometimes, just keeping your mouth shut until you can change your job, move out or otherwise change your surroundings will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. In some cases, this may still not be enough to be able to go throughout your day. What does an introvert do when someone presses the issue but you don’t want to make a debate out of it?

End the conversation quickly

No matter how much situational awareness you have of your surroundings as an introvert, the majority of people are extroverts by nature. Being social is a part of the human condition since the human is a pack animal. This means you WILL deal with people whose opinions you heavily disagree with from time to time. The worst part about this is that the person in question isn’t some bitter enemy who wishes you harm. This person may come in the form of a coworker, family, old friend, neighbor, or any other individual who is part of your social life. In these cases, if you cannot avoid conversation, you’re going to have to find creative ways to end the conversation as quickly as humanly possible without creating a situation where a debate is possible.

You can try any of these following methods to end a conversation as quickly as possible with the individual in question as to avoid any further hot button conversations in the future.

  • Agree and Amplify: It’s as simple as it sounds. Just nod your head, be polite and only listen just enough to make sure you look like you care
  • Play Dumb/Boring:  Simply act like you don’t know what they’re talking about and they may look for someone who they think would be better to talk to about the topic of discussion.

  • Always Appear Busy: Being too busy at work is a solid excuse for not engaging in social justice or politically motivated conversation with a disagreeable individual. If this isn’t a work situation, you can always use work as an excuse not to hang out with someone you don’t care much for. The less room you give someone in your busy life, the easier it is to avoid an argument.

On the off chance that none of these methods works for you and the individual or work culture you’re in give you no choice but to engage with them about these hot button debates, there’s really only one alternative left.

Put Your Foot Down and Don’t Apologize

When given no alternative, you may end up having to cut people off from your life if they cannot understand that you don’t want to engage in political discussion or don’t want to be offended by everything in the world. The uncomfortable truth about being an introvert is that you will end up making people angry at you for simply wanting to mind your own business. If you have self-respect, it shouldn’t matter. The only way to get what you want out of the world is to be willing to pay the price. In this case, you may have to leave your job, state, or relationship behind.

This may sound horrible. It actually is horrible, but what would be worse is if your life remained exactly as it was. Never getting better. Eventually getting worse with time because you never made the changes necessary to end these useless arguments before they began. These arguments end up making you lose your job because everyone else in the company may no agree with your views. Don’t feel bad about cutting off a toxic relationship. You have one life to live and it’s too short to let other people determine your behavior just because they don’t agree with you.

That’s all I have for today, ladies and gentlemen. Did you like this content? Do you have anything else you’d like to add. Feel free to share in the comments.

Until the next daydream……..

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