Introverts & Health/Fitness

If you’re an introvert or lone wolf, you will face many of the same challenges that the vast majority of people face throughout their lives since you’re human as well. The main difference is that, unlike the average extrovert who will have a support group, the introvert is mostly on their own for the vast majority of his/her day to day life. This requires you to take each decision you make more seriously. You’re going to have to be extremely careful how you manage your time since your unique situation requires that you pay the utmost attention to detail.

In no other area is this more important than in the personal health of the lone wolf/introvert. Without good health and fitness, the lone wolf’s lifestyle becomes much more difficult by default. No one will be there to help you when you get sick or suffer from an injury. A lone wolf’s health should be a priority above almost everything else in his/her life. Eating right and preventing disease need to become requirements for one’s daily lifestyle if they wish to live alone without much difficulty.

One area equally as important as the nutrition and health aspect of taking care of oneself as a lone wolf/introvert is the area of physical exercise. A man or woman who lives their life alone must learn to gain and retain strength to be able to withstand the harshness of nature as well as defend oneself from any enemies one will face. Physical exercise can also be known to reduce stress, increase strength, stamina, and improve overall health. Someone who lives out the majority of their lives alone can benefit from reduced stress due to endorphins and regular progress in their fitness and health.

While there may be no profound wisdom in anything I’ve said here, taking care of your own health and fitness is common sense. Think of it from another perspective if nothing I’ve said convinces you. You like to have quiet time for yourself. What if you were too sick to have your alone time? What if you relied on constant doctor’s visits or live in nurses to ensure your health and safety every hour of your life? Perhaps you could be stuck in a hospital where no one will be able to leave you alone even if you wanted it. That alone should make you want to take care of yourself since no one really knows your body better than you do. The older you get, the more careful you’ll have to be with your health anyhow.

That will be all for tonight. May you all find peace on the solitary pathway of life.

Until the next daydream……..

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